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Want to gift a commissioned painting? Now you can! Share your love of animals and wildlife with a gift certificate that allows your loved ones to decide how they would like to have their sweet pets painted! Every single animal is a life to celebrate, and we want to do just that through painting and preserving their emotional faces. Each gift certificate includes a few extra dollars to cover shipping, so the recipient doesn’t have to spend a dime. 

Gift certificates for larger commissioned pieces can be custom created. Simply send us a request through the contact page!

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Since the start of Cards for Canines in 2014, I have been able to donate over $8,000.00 through monetary donations and auctioned paintings. It is my hope to see that number grow so that we can do more to help the people that are really making a difference — all of the volunteers and employees that work tirelessly to advocate for animal welfare. A percentage of profits is donated directly to various nonprofits, animal shelters, and conservation initiatives. See the Inspiration page to learn more about the nonprofits that benefit.