5 Notecards: Wildlife & Wildflower Grow-A-Note Seed Cards


Share your love of animals and wildlife by giving that special someone a plantable card! These notecards are printed on eco-friendly handmade paper created by Green Field Paper Company. Each one is plantable with noninvasive wildflower seeds embedded in the paper.

Each card is 4.25×5.5 inches and comes with A2 recycled envelopes. Cards come in packs of 5 and include 1 card of each design including a horse, rabbit, giraffe, camel, and macaw. These cards have a front and back with no fold.

On the back, the following directions are written so that everyone knows how to grow their wildflowers:

“This recycled paper is embedded with a colorful variety of non-invasive wildflower seeds that will grow just about anywhere. For best results, plant this card in an area that receives partial to full sunlight. Thoroughly moisten and plant in fine soil 1/4 inch deep. Generously water daily, tend to them with love and watch them grow! The paper will recycle naturally into the soil as the seedlings grow.”

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