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Hello! Welcome to a blog where life, nature, science and wildlife are viewed through a vibrant watercolor lens. Thank you for being here!

My name is Abby, and I am a watercolor artist focusing on wildlife, pet portraits and the surrounding natural environment. I am currently a biology graduate student at Oxford Miami University where I get to soak up all that I can learn about conservation and ecological stewardship. (That might explain why you see some APA citations hidden throughout my posts. Geeky, I know.) I believe art offers a platform for people to share their perception of the world in addition to displaying facts and reality in enhanced and engaging ways. It allows us to expose what is most important to us by sharing images that evoke emotions and deep connections. The Earth is a shockingly beautiful place, and I hope this blog inspires you to explore, notice, record and communicate what you see.

When I’m not painting, I am probably running with the best and most active nine-year-old mutt in the city of Cincinnati. Her name is Cyndal, and she and my encouraging and free-spirited ultra running husband, Chad Wolf, keep my body moving on the daily. We enjoy any opportunity to travel, but Cincinnati is unequivocally our home and we are unapologetically true mid westerners.

If the above riveting story has peaked your interest, you can view all the inspiration behind my business here: https://abbynurrewatercolor.com/inspiration/

In future posts, I will be sharing watercolor demos and materials that I use on a daily basis. For me, painting is a primal way to experience nature, one that stimulates multiple senses and demands focus. While watercolor workshops, wildlife accounts and life experiences will be the focus of some posts, not all will be filled with emotional reflections, scientific citations, and heavily detailed observations. I’ll make sure to include some lighthearted reports of travel, my favorite things to do in the Queen City, wine tastings, and, obviously, adorable dog photos.

So, welcome again to this blended blog, complete with a sprinkle of science, a dash of travel, a drizzle of demos, and a heavy splash of color. Thank you for being here!

***A very special thank you to Leah Robbins for all photography! Check out her work here: https://www.leahrobbins.com/

Cyndal, the best mutt in the Queen City